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Tech Docs


General Information

How to find the correct chainring for your mountain bike with SRAM Transmission — our guide walks you through the criteria necessary to determine which chainring will optimize your bike for SRAM Transmission and T-Type chains.

Patented Drop-Stop® Tooth Profile — what makes the Wolf Tooth "Wide/Narrow" tooth profile best-in-class and different from other options out there

Chain Compatibility by Tooth Profile details on differences between Drop-Stop A, B, and ST tooth profiles and which chains work with each type

1x Drivetrain Overview — summary of the most important points for 1x gearing, mechanics, and optimization

CAMO — Chainline And Material Optimization chainring system

Wolf Tooth Precision Headset overview — a guide to which headset is compatible with your bike

GeoShift Angle Headset overview — a guide on why you would want to use a angle headset and how it affects the geometry of your bike

B-RAD System Gallery – The Wolf Tooth B-RAD System is a one-size-fits-all solution to optimizing your on-bike storage. See how it comes to life on different types of bikes.

Patent and trademark info

How to measure your BCD (Bolt Center Diameter) — useful for selecting the correct chainring for your crankset

Chainring Diameter by Tooth Count — how to determine how large of chainring will fit on your bike

Gear Charts — these allow you to compare different 1x gearing options including top speed and comparing your current "granny gear" with the smallest gear you will have on your 1x setup

1x "Boost" Rear Hub Spacing Chainring Selection — details on what Boost means to chainline and chainring selection for 1x drivetrains

Installation Instructions

GeoShift Angle Headset Installation — details and photos on how to install the GeoShift Angle Headset

EnCase System: Handlebar Storage Installation — details on how to install the EnCase Storage Sleeves in mountain and road handlebars

GC Cassette Extender Tech Info, FAQs, and Installation —everything you wanted to know about our GC cassette extenders

B-RAD System Information — summary of a B-RAD system and the many options it brings

Derailleur Link Tech — information on what the RoadLink enables for road gearing flexibility

RoadLink Installation — how to install your RoadLink

Tanpan Installation — how to install your Tanpan

Inline Tanpan Installation — how to install your inline Tanpan (installation up underneath the handlebar)

GoatLink and RoadLink DM Installation — Installing your new GoatLink

16t Cog Installation — installing your 16t cog that compliments your GC

GCX (X01 and XX1 Replacement Cogs) Installation — removing and installing your GCX

Singletrack Pogie Installation — installing your new pogies

Boostinator Installation — installing your new Boostinator

XT M785 & SLX M665 and 32t x 104 BCD Chainring Compatibility — these cranksets have a unique requirement when using the 32t x 104 BCD chainring because of how the crank spider arms are shaped

WolfCage Installation and Tech — how to install your Wolf Cage and details on what improvements the WolfCage offers over the stock cage

ReMote Pro Installation — how to install your ReMote Pro

ReMote Installation — how to install your ReMote

ReMote Mount for Hope Tech 3 Brake Levers — how to modify the ReMote mount to work with Hope Tech 3 version 2 levers

ReMote Sustain for Reverb Installation — how to install your ReMote Sustain for converting a Rockshox Reverb to a cable actuated dropper post

Waveform Pedal User Manual And Service Guide — Assembly, disassembly, how to install and service

Waveform Pedal Size Guide — how to determine Waveform pedal size

Resolve Dropper Post User Manual — how to install and use the Resolve dropper post

Resolve Dropper Post Full Rebuild and Service Guide — how to service and rebuild the Resolve dropper post including instructions for adding travel adjust spacers

Resolve Dropper Post Tech Specs and Dimensions — technical specifications and dimensions for the Resolve dropper post

Resolve Dropper Post Length Calculator — how to the correct length Resolve dropper post for your specific bike

Factory Service Request — request factory service for the Resolve Dropper Post or Waveform Pedals

Seatpost Clamp Measurement and Installation Guide — How to measure and install Wolf Tooth Seatpost Clamps and QR Seatpost Clamps

Other Interesting Docs

1X Gravel and All-Road Setup — drivetrain ideas for your do everything road bike