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Congratulations!  Now that you have one, it's time to install your RoadLink.  We know that it looks like a lot, but it should take less than 1/2 hour- probably a whole lot less.  If you are unfamiliar with the parts or procedures listed below, please take your bike to your local Lindarets or Wolf Tooth dealer for installation.

Before diving in, you'll need the following:


  • Protective eyewear
  • 5mm Allen key
  • Chain tool
  • Medium (#2) Phillips screwdriver
  • Grease
  • Rag


  • Torque wrench with 5mm Allen bit
  • Master link pliers


1. Mount bicycle in workstand.

2. Break chain and remove from derailleur

3. Use 5mm Allen key to remove rear derailleur from derailleur hanger.

4. Size chain:

  • Place chain on largest cog and largest chainring.  
  • Add or remove links such that chain is 2 links (one inch) longer than the minimum required to accommodate big-big combination.
  • Remove chain from chainring.


5. Use rag to clean all surfaces of derailleur and hanger.

6. Apply a small amount of grease to RoadLink bolt threads and under RoadLink bolt head.

7. Use 5mm Allen key or torque wrench to mount RoadLink to derailleur hanger and torque to 8-10Nm.

  • Note:  Do not use thread locking compound on RoadLink mounting bolt.


8. Verify that RoadLink stop rests against derailleur hanger tab.  If gap is present, repeat Step 7.

9. Use 5mm Allen Key to start derailleur mounting screw in RoadLink.
10. Use torque wrench or 5mm Allen key to torque derailleur mounting bolt to manufacturer's specification.
11. Re-route chain through derailleurs and connect ends.
12. Replace chain on chainring.
13. Adjust B-limit screw by:

  • Shifting to highest cog
  • Pull rear derailleur body rearward to release pressure on B-screw.
  • Use medium Phillips screwdriver to adjust B-screw so that, when the derailleur is released, top derailleur pulley sits as close as possible to top cog without rubbing or 'rumbling' while pedaling.


14. Adjust shifting as necessary.

15. Go for a ride.