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A collection of Wolf Tooth Components Pack Tools, including Pack Pliers, Pack Whip, Pack Wrench, Bottom Bracket Tools, Pack Hanger Alignment Tool, and the Encase System Bar Kit One.

Trailside problems begone. From Pack Tools, to 8-Bit Pack Pliers, to the EnCase System Bar Kit One, Wolf Tooth manufactures a wide variety of packable tools to minimize singletrack anguish and keep you riding. Here you’ll find our 6-Bit Hex Wrench Multi-Tool which comes with a keychain for easy access, the Pack Pliers - Master Link Combo Pliers (which serve as a tire lever, Presta valve core remover, valve stem lock nut wrench, and also as master link pliers), and even extra Bacon Strips (for plugging your tires—not for breakfast).