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Add Flat Mount Brakes to Post Mount Frames and Forks with Our New Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter

Add Flat Mount Brakes to Post Mount Frames and Forks with Our New Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter

Add flat mount brakes to post mount frames and forks with our newest innovation: the Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter. This component allows flat mount brakes to be added to a frame or fork that was designed for post mount brakes—an asset for cyclists who want to run road groupsets on mountain bike frames.

Two Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapters sitting on a table next to a pair of measurement calipers and wrenches.

The Post to Flat Mount Adapter fits on 140mm, 160mm, and 180mm post mount native sizes. It’s important to note that the adapter is +20mm, which means a 140mm post mount native size will only work with a 160mm rotor, just as a 160mm post mount native size will only work with a 180mm rotor, and so on.

A technical graphic showing a flat mount caliper mounted onto a post mount frame or fork with the Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter.

Our Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter has been tested with both SRAM and Shimano brakes and includes two (2) M5x13mm flat head bolts for flat mount calipers in addition to two (2) M6x15mm socket head bolts for post mount. A minimum of 13mm between the top of the brake boss to the frame/fork is required for an accurate installation.

Installation of the Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter

The Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter pairs well with: 

  • ShiftMount: An adapter mount that allows you to integrate SRAM and Shimano shifters with several different brakes from Shimano, SRAM, and Magura as well as mount shifters directly to handlebars independent of brakes.
  • RoadLink DM: A component that replaces Shimano’s stock direct mount link, allowing relocation of the bike’s derailleur to provide clearance for larger-than-stock range cassettes while maintaining chain wrap and improving shifting.
  • Tanpan: A component that makes Shimano 10- and 11-speed road shifters work with 10- and 11-speed mountain bike rear derailleurs. 

All Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapters are CNC machined with 6061-T6 aluminum and sold individually. Learn more here!

Say Hello to Wolf Tooth's Newest Color: Espresso

Say Hello to Wolf Tooth's Newest Color: Espresso

We’ve been brewing up something special at Wolf Tooth HQ. After roasting to perfection, Wolf Tooth’s newest color is here: Espresso. A bronzy-brown, this shade shimmers in dappled trail sunlight and reminds us of our favorite things: Minnesota woods, early mornings at camp, and friends gathering to enjoy a fresh cup. Think fireside pour-over coffee before a long day on the singletrack, or that first taste at the local café stop during a mixed-surface ride.

Espresso is available now in a wide range of components and accessories, including ReMote, ReMote Light Action, Morse Cage Ti, Stem Caps, Spacers, and more. This shade brings subtle refinement and sleek elegance to any bike setup.

Wolf Tooth Espresso

Shop Espresso and all of our standard and Limited Edition colors on the Wolf Tooth Color Shop: a new way to browse Wolf Tooth products by your favorite shade. Learn more here!

In Case of Trouble, Grab the EnCase System!

In Case of Trouble, Grab the EnCase System!

Whether it’s a flat tire, a broken chain, or a loose bottle cage bolt, trailside problems are always a bummer. Even more frustrating: sometimes you’ve packed tools–just not the right tools; or worse, sometimes you forget your tools on the kitchen counter. Be bummer-free with the EnCase System: a nifty set of multi-tools that live inside your bike’s handlebars. By keeping your most-needed tools at your fingertips, you’ll save room in your jersey pockets or bar bag for more snacks, maybe some wildflowers, or even your favorite beverage. These multi-tools were designed for solving most trailside problems. For any major mechanicals, they’ll keep you rolling to the trailhead or next town for access to your complete tool wrap or a local bike shop. As a trusted companion, you can rely on EnCase to safely get you where you need to go, particularly when the going gets a little rough.

A chart showing the Wolf Tooth EnCase System Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool as well as the Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool and their functions.

The EnCase System consists of two tools: the Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool and the Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool. Both tools have different functions and can be bought separately or purchased together as the EnCase System. The Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool features a chain breaker on one end, a tire plug built into the handle, and inner storage for tubeless tire plugs (bacon strips, anyone?). The Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool includes eight hex bits that allow for 14 functions suitable for a wide variety of trailside applications, such as handlebar rotation, removing axles, adjusting spokes, and more. 

Both Multi-Tools are stored inside secure, flexible EnCase System Storage Sleeves, which shield the multi-tools from the elements and also dampen vibrations. These sleeves fit both drop-bar and flat-bar setups and can be easily modified to adjust for the perfect fit.Whereas the sleeves’ body is constructed from a rubber material, we’ve added brushed aluminum to the bar ends to protect from bangs and bumps on the trail. Fun fact: each sleeve contains extra space in the bar plug to store a Presta-to-Shrader adapter and valve core or an extra master link. Rad!

A cyclist using the EnCase System Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool on a bike chain.

The full EnCase System Bar Kit One includes all components of the EnCase System: the Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool, the Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool, and two EnCase Storage Sleeves. A natural fit for handlebars, simply remove your current bar plugs and insert the sleeve-wrapped multi-tool. Be aware that the EnCase System should be able to slide into your handlebars with one finger; avoid forcing the sleeves, as this can cause damage to the EnCase System or to your bike. Tight fit? Each EnCase System Storage Sleeve features guide lines along the lip; trim along these lines to create space to ensure the EnCase System fits securely. Our handy guides, “How to Install Drop Bar EnCase System” and “How to Install Flat Bar EnCase System” both provide detailed video and written instructions on proper installation.

Wolf Tooth EnCase System Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool and Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool

While the EnCase System works with most drop-bar and flat-bar setups, the following handlebars are known to be incompatible: Syntace Vector, Deity Skywire, Jones H-Bar Loop SG 2.5, Chromag BZA, Chromag Cutlass, BMC RCB01, S-Works Hover Carbon, ENVE M7, and Syncros Carbon.

We’ve taken our EnCase Systems on enduro trails, to high-profile gravel races like Unbound and Big Sugar, on bikepacking trips and even to road races. No matter the location, we never fail to turn some heads with our on-bike multi-tool storage system. Available individually or together as the EnCase System Bar Kit One, these multi-tools are meant to get you to the other side of the road less traveled, the well-beaten path, and all trails in between.

Drop-Stop ST Direct Mount Chainrings for SRAM Cranks

Drop-Stop ST Direct Mount Chainrings for SRAM Cranks
Wolf Tooth Direct Mount Chainrings for SRAM Cranks are now available in our Drop-Stop ST tooth profile! This tooth profile is optimized for the 12-speed Shimano Hyperglide+ chain: a first for our Direct Mount SRAM chainrings. Drop-Stop ST leverages the Shimano HG+ chamfers to provide additional clearance, prevent wear while riding, and also to ensure chain retention on varied surfaces. Compatible with cranks from SRAM, Praxis, Cane Creek, and other cranks that use a three-bolt direct mount, this chainring is available in both round and PowerTrac elliptical in 30T, 32T, and 34T with Boost offset.

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Let's Talk About Grips!

Let's Talk About Grips!
We believe we should be just as particular about grips as we are about drivetrains, which is why we make seven different grips for every riding discipline. From downhill to enduro to XC, Wolf Tooth grips are designed to provide lasting comfort and durability, keeping you riding longer (and happier!) on any surface. 

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