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Key Metrics - Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post

Resolve Dropper Dimensions and Specs

Resolve Dropper Specs and Dimensions

External Stack Height

This defines the amount of saddle height that is not usable as travel. Less external stack height allows you to run a longer travel dropper. The external stack height of all Wolf Tooth Resolve dropper posts is 32mm.

Weight vs. Travel

When comparing the respective weights of different dropper posts, the respective travel lengths must also be considered. We use “grams per millimeter travel” as a metric - that is, the weight in grams divided by the travel length in millimeters. The plot below shows weight on the Y-axis and travel length on the X-axis. Being vertically lower on this plot indicates a lighter post.

Wolf Tooth Resolve Weights by Travel and Diameter:

Total Internal Stack Height

This dimension defines how much longer the lower section of the post is than its travel length. It is a combination of the Lower Tube Internal Stack and the Actuator Length (see illustration).

The Total Internal Stack Height for all Wolf Tooth Resolve dropper posts is 91.2mm. This means that the maximum insertion depth (including the actuator) will be 91.2mm longer than the travel length. 


        Resolve Dropper Post Length Calculator