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Find the right length dropper:

There are two dimensions that will determine the maximum travel length Wolf Tooth Resolve post that will be compatible with your particular bike. These dimensions are most easily measured using a rigid (non-dropper) post, if available.

STEP A: Install seatpost and saddle into frame, and raise to your optimal full ride height. Measure the distance from the top of the seat post collar clamp to the center of the saddle rail.

STEP B: Insert seatpost as far as it will go into the frame. Do not force post past any obstruction. With post at maximum insertion, mark the side of the post with a marker or tape. Remove post from frame, and measure distance from the applied mark to the bottom of the post.

Plug Dimension A and Dimension B into or Dropper Post Size Calculator to determine which Wolf Tooth Resolve posts will be compatible with your setup. Some configurations may require travel-reduction spacers.

Dropper Post Calculator Diagram