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ReMote fitment for Hope Tech 3 Brake Levers

The Wolf Tooth ReMote fitment for Hope Tech 3 brake levers is designed to directly mount our ReMote to v1 Hope Tech brake levers. These levers can be identified by the small holes that go through the lever. The adapter is not compatible with v2 Hope Tech brake levers. For v2 levers, we recommend using the 22.2mm handlebar clamp mount unless you are comfortable modifying it to accommodate a larger bolt. The v2 Hope Tech brake levers have dimples on the lever but no holes.

How to determine which version lever you have: 

  • v1 levers have holes in the lever blade

  • v2 levers have dimples but no holes

    Modification instructions:


    • Drill
    • 13/64" drill bit
    • M5x10mm bolt


    1. Use a 13/64" drill bit to increase the mounting hole size from M4 to M5.


    2. Mount to the brake lever using M5x10mm bolt