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Improper installation may result in equipment damage or severe personal injury.

Do not proceed with this installation until:

  • You have reviewed and understand all instructions
  • You have and know how to use all required tools
  • You have and know how to use all safety equipment
  • Identify seatpost series prior to purchasing ReMote Sustain kit
  • Only RockShox Reverb Stealth (internally-routed) seatposts are supported
    • Externally-routed (non-Stealth) seatposts are not supported
  • Additional technical support available at sales@wolftoothcomponents.com


Identify and obtain all of the following parts before proceeding.

  • RockShox Reverb Stealth seatpost
    • A-series posts have no “RockShox” marking immediately below head
    • B-series posts have gold “RockShox” marking immediately below head
  • Wolf Tooth Sustain Kit
    • Sustain Base marked “A” or “B” to match Reverb Stealth series
    • Sustain Pusher
    • Wolf Tooth ReMote LA lever with mount to suit handlebar or brake lever
    • Shift Cable
    • Shift Cable Housing
    • Cable Crimp


Identify and obtain all of the following tools before proceeding.

  • Safety glasses
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Torque Wrench
  • 4mm Allen wrench or compact ratchet
  • 9mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • Internal snap ring pliers
    (Reverb A series only)
  • Extra-small screwdriver
    (Reverb B series only)
  • 6mm open-end wrench
    (Connectamajig-equipped posts only)
  • 9mm open-end wrench
    (Connectamajig-equipped posts only)
  • 10mm open-end wrench
  • 11mm open-end wrench
  • Shock pump
  • Towel/rag
  • Cable Cutter
  • Clean shop rags

Installation Steps

This video will walk you through your ReMote Sustain installation.

If you prefer, written instructions are below.

Do not proceed until all steps are understood.  Additional technical support is available from your Wolf Tooth Components dealer or online at sales@wolftoothcomponents.com.

  1. Put on protective glasses and gloves
  2. Verify model and confirm that you have the correct Sustain model:
    • A-series posts have no “RockShox” marking immediately below head.
    • B-series posts have gold “RockShox” marking immediately below head.
  3. Remove seatpost from bike, hose from frame, and Reverb remote from handlebar.
    • This process varies widely from bike-to-bike and will not be covered here. Please contact your knowledgeable local bike shop if uncertain how to proceed.
  4. If seatpost is so equipped, disconnect Connectamajig:
    1. Attach the 9mm to the flat slot at the base of the black knurled section at the base of the seatpost, and the 6mm over the flat edge of the silver piece at the base of the hose.
    2. Use the 9 to hold the black knurled part, and the 6 to unscrew the silver hose base.
    3. Once loosened, it will be possible to un-thread the black piece by hand until the hose separates.
  5. Use clean rag to wipe dirt and grease from seatpost.
  6. Use 4mm Allen key or compact ratchet to remove saddle and cradle from seatpost.
  7. Use clean rag to remove any dirt and debris from top of seatpost.
  8. Use 9mm socket to remove air valve dust cap from top of seatpost.
  9. Keeping seatpost upright and pointing away from face and body, use 4mm Allen key or compact ratchet to depress valve and release all air pressure.
  10. Use internal retaining ring tool (A) or screwdriver (B), remove retaining ring from bottom of seatpost.
  11. While holding seatpost body, push on head to expose seatpost internals.
  12. Identify 11mm hex flats above Reverb base.
  13. Hold base hex with 11mm open-end wrench and unscrew silver hose connector base with 10mm open-end wrench
    • A very small amount of Reverb Oil (2.5wt suspension oil) will drain from seatpost- collect for waste oil or with absorbent towel.
    • DO NOT compress seatpost once silver hose connector base is removed.
  14. Use clean rag to clean inside of seatpost base.
  15. If together for shipping, remove forked Delrin Pusher from Sustain base
  16. Thread Sustain base into seatpost by hand. This is very critical as cross threading B-Posts is easy to do with the very fine threads.
    • If threads do not engage smoothly verify seatpost and Sustain versions. Do not force.
    • Sustain Base will encounter resistance when approximately ¾ inserted
  17. Set torque wrench to 6Nm.
  18. Hold Reverb base with 11mm open-end wrench and use torque wrench with 13mm socket to fasten Sustain base to seatpost at 6Nm.
    • It is now safe to incidentally compress seatpost.
  19. Slide Reverb base back into seatpost bottom by holding seatpost body and pushing firmly on Sustain Base.
  20. Use snap ring pliers or small screwdriver to reinstall retaining ring.
    1. Visually verify that retaining ring is completely seated in groove in seatpost body
    2. While holding seatpost body, press on seatpost head to ensure that retaining ring is properly seated.
  21. Check function by inserting Sustain Pusher into Sustain Base and depressing with thumb. Pusher should depress firmly but smoothly.
  22. Attach shock pump to air valve at seatpost head and reinflate seatpost to 240-260psi.
  23. Use 9mm socket to reinstall valve cap finger-tight
  24. Thread cable through Sustain Pusher, forked end first.
    • When properly installed, cable head will sit between legs of Pusher.
  25. Expose cable head and insert into Sustain Base, resting on far side of machined bridge.
  26. Slide Sustain Pusher legs into Sustain Base, covering Base slot and retaining cable head.
  27. Route housing from seatpost end to handlebar.
    • This process varies widely from bike-to-bike and will not be covered here. Please contact your knowledgeable local bike shop if uncertain how to proceed.
    • Housing must have the ability to move approximately 1/4in (6mm) at seatpost base.
  28. Install ReMote Lever following model-specific instructions found here.
  29. Install seatpost in frame at correct height and secure seatpost collar according to manufacturer’s instruction s.
  30. Install cradle and reinstall saddle on Reverb seatpost, adjusting angle and position to rider preference.
    • Pay close attention to bolt head torque. To reduce the chance of slippage or creaking, torque to manufacturer specification.
  31. Test Sustain action:
    • Lever should depress firmly but smoothly
    • Cable should not slip in ReMote lever
    • Seatpost should drop when lever is depressed and saddle is weighted and return quickly when lever is depressed and saddle us unweighted.
    • Compression and return speeds will vary with lever throw. Deeper pushes will result in faster action, shallower pushes will result in slower action.
  32. Go for a ride and test it out.
  • All trademarks property of their respective owners.
  • Unless stated otherwise, compatibility assertions reflect the position of Wolf Tooth Components LLC and neither constitute nor imply endorsement by the trademark holder.