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Congratulations on your purchase of our Singletrack Pogies!  Toasty warm hands with easy hand exit/entry are moments away.

The following are simple installation instructions for the Wolf Tooth Bar Plug and Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogie.  Before diving in, you will need the following:

Required -

  • 3mm hex key
  • Small bag that came with your pogie which includes two bar plugs, two pogie locks, and two 5" lengths of shock cord
  • Black electrical tape (for use with thin aluminum or most carbon bars)

    Recommended - 


    Procedure - 

    1.  Remove existing bar plugs. Check the fit of the Wolf Tooth bar plug in the end of your handlebars. If it is very loose, wrap 2-3 layers of black electrical tape around the plug first. Next, insert the plugs and tighten the draw bolt with a 3mm hex key until you begin to feel friction between the bar and bar plug. Once you feel friction between the bar plug and inside of the handlebar, clock the plug in the fashion shown in the picture below, hold it in that orientation, and then turn the bolt 1 more full turn. Grab the plug firmly and try to turn it. If it does not turn, the plug installation is complete.  If it does turn, add 1/2 of a turn to the bolt. These 1-1.5 turns will make it sufficiently tight and will assure the plug is secure.  


    2.  Grab the Pogie Lock and the shock cord.  Simply route the cord through the Pogie Lock, through the loop inside the pogie, and tie a knot.  We recommend a square knot for security.  





    3.  The handlebar cinch strap should be facing the ground.  This requires that you flip the strap over the end of one of the pogies. This pogie will be used for your left hand. The strap will be twisted on this left hand pogie, but the function of the strap will not be affected, which is basically to hold the hook and loop seal.

    4.  Open the hook and loop pogie opening and slide the pogie over the handlebar.  Fold the cuff down. Grab the Pogie Lock and insert it into the Bar Plug and turn roughly 1/4 turn into the locked position. Hint:  if you experience your plugs coming undone because you ride with your hands slightly off the end of the bar, twist the Pogie Lock two rotations clockwise before inserting into the Bar Plug.     

    5.  Pinch the hook and loop around your cables and close the large snap between the brake lines and handlebar. Optionally pull the strap to take up the slack and put a little tension on the strap.


    6.  You are ready to ride.  Adjust the warmth needed by putting the cuff in the mode that suits the conditions and your comfort. This will take some experimenting with gloves and various conditions.