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Congratulations on your purchase of Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogies V2.   Toasty warm hands with easy hand exit/entry are moments away.

The following are simple installation instructions. Before diving in, you will need the following:

Required -

  • 3mm hex key
  • Two Pogie bar plugs, two Pogie locks, and two 5" lengths of elastic shock cord (included with purchase)
  • Black electrical tape (for use with thin aluminum or most carbon bars)


    Procedure - 

    1.  Remove existing bar plugs from your handlebars. Check the fit of the Pogie bar plug in the end of your handlebars. If it is very loose, wrap 2-3 layers of black electrical tape around the plug first. Next, insert the plugs and align the slots vertically. Using a 3mm hex key tighten the bolt until you begin to feel friction between the bar and bar plug. Once you feel friction make sure the slots on the plug are still aligned vertically and turn the bolt one more full turn. Grab the plug with your hand and try to turn it. If it turns add another half turn to the bolt.  If it does not turn, you are set.


    2.  Next, thread the elastic cord through the Pogie lock. Inside the Pogie pick one of the three positions and tie the cord through the loop. It may be easier to turn the Pogie inside out for this step. The middle position holds the Pogies centered on the bar other two positions move it up or down. Be sure to double knot the cord so that the plug is snug and secure.



    Tie on Pogie plug with elastic cord 

    3. With the pogie right side out, unzip the front zipper and slide the Pogie over the bars, brakes, shifters and levers. Grab the Pogie lock that is inside the Pogie and twist it over the bar end plug.  The cap will lock with a quarter turn.

    4. Zip the Pogie closed and squeeze the velcro and button together around the bars and the cables. If you want to tighten it further use the external velcro flap to fold and pinch the Pogie to keep any wind from entering around the bar.


    6.  You are ready to ride.  Adjust the warmth needed by adjusting the cuff. This will take some experimenting with gloves and various conditions.  

    Hint: If you experience your plugs coming undone because you ride with your hands slightly off the end of the bar, twist the Pogie lock two rotations clockwise before inserting into the Pogie bar plug.