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The CAMO chainring system was created by the Wolf Tooth engineers for Chainline And Material Optimization on direct mount style crankset.  

Wolf Tooth CAMO System Compatibility



Key Rider Advantages:

  1. Chainline - Chainline is very important for proper 1x drivetrain function.  With CAMO we offer up to 4 different chainline options for one direct mount style (e.g SRAM Direct Mount)

  2. Material - Material of the spiders is 7075 Aluminum because it is very light, stiff, and strong.  That said, chainrings wear out...that is a simple fact.  Smaller chainrings or chainrings ridden in harsh environments wear quicker and with CAMO we can offer a 50% lighter weight Stainless Steel Chainrings (and maybe more exotic materials in the future!).  

  3. Price - Chainrings eventually need to be replaced.  Whether switching to a smaller ring for a hilly ride or just replacing a worn out chainring, replacement rings with our best in class Drop-Stop® tooth profiling start at just $45!  The entire system is only a few dollars more than the one piece but offers all these advantages.

  4. Quick change rings - chainrings can be quickly swapped out with five T-25 M4 alloy bolts.  There are no nuts or spacers and and you do not have to remove your crankset.

  5. Power transfer - power transfer and stiffness are as good or better than direct mount chainrings because of the optimization that having a spider+chainring allows.

  6. Product coverage - Wolf Tooth can offer every last niche chainring need.  Once built out, CAMO will cover roughly 200 chainring options.  Many of these would have never made it to production as a traditional one piece direct mount.

  7. Weight - we did all of this without adding bulk.  The CAMO system is withing  5-10 grams of the one piece direct mount (varies by SKU), and as mentioned the CAMO Stainless Ring+Spider is 50% lighter than our previous one piece stainless steel rings.

  8. Bling!! - spider colors and bolt colors add a little flash to your sweet ride.

Dealer Advantages:

  1. Inventory - with CAMO, you have the opportunity to actually stock the part that your customer needs.  With just 15 SKUs, 5 spiders and 11 rings, you can cover 85% off the walk-in direct mount ring demand.

  2. Wolf Tooth Quality - rest assured that you and your customers will receive the best quality made in the USA products with top notch customer and dealer service to match.

  3. Colors - customers love putting that personal touch on their bike and you can help them out with some chainring flair.

Installation Notes

  1. You will be able to access all bolts without removing the spider.

  2. Line up the little dot on the ring with the dot on the spider.  Don't worry, you cannot install the ring in the wrong rotational orientation.

  3. Be sure the bosses on the spider "plug in" to the chainring.

  4. Torque bolts to 3 NM.