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Tanpan Inline Mounting Instructions

In-line Mounting


  • Protective eyewear
  • Cable & housing cutter
  • 5mm Allen key
  • Chain tool
  • Fine (#0) Phillips screwdriver
  • Medium (#2) Phillips screwdriver
  • Rag
  • Recommended:
    • Torque wrench with 5mm Allen bit
    • Master link pliers


  1. Mount bicycle in workstand.
  2. Use 5mm Allen key to remove existing derailleur from derailleur hanger.
  3. If replacing cassette:
    1. Remove rear wheel from bicycle.
    2. Replace cassette normally.
    3. Break chain and remove from derailleur.
    4. Size chain:
      1. Without threading through rear derailleur, place chain on largest cog and largest chainring.  
      2. Add or remove links such that chain is 2 links (one inch) longer than the minimum required to accommodate bib-big combination.
      3. Remove chain from chainring.
    5. Replace rear wheel
  4. Use rag to clean all surfaces of derailleur hanger.
  5. Use 5mm Allen Key to install new rear derailleur
    1. If so equipped, disengage clutch
    2. Set torque wrench and tighten to manufacturer's specification
  1. Re-route chain through derailleur(s) and connect ends.
  2. Replace chain on chainring.
  3. Tanpan installation:
    1. Shift rear shifter to highest gear / smallest cog position.
    2. Remove shift cable from shifter and housing.
    3. Cut housing in desired location
  • Below the stem will provide good on-bike access to the barrel adjuster while reducing cable bend
  • Add housing end cap to shifter housing segment
  • Install barrel adjuster end of Tanpan (cable inlet) onto shifter housing segment
  • Install large end of ferrule onto “Wolf” end of Tanpan (cable outlet)
  • Ferrule is directional: must fit completely over Tanpan cable outlet as shown.
  • Remove 2-3in of housing as required to ensure free housing movement without tight bends or excess material.
  • Connect ferrule to derailleur housing end
  • No end cap is needed here.
  • Install new shift cable into shifter, route through cable housing, and through Tanpan barrel adjuster.
  • Use #0 screwdriver to back fixing screw out from Tanpan face
  • Without routing around pulley, feed cable under fixing screw head and through transition hole
  • Add a small bend to the end of the cable to ease feeding
  • Place cable on small Tanpan wheel and pull snug.  
  • Transition hole should be roughly 180 degrees from Wolf-end cable outlet.
  • Route free end of cable around large wheel and through Tanpan cable outlet.
  • Pull cable snug and rotate Tanpan wheel such that transition hole is again roughly 180 degrees from cable exit
  • Use #0 screwdriver to tighten fixing screw against cable.
  • Route cable through remaining Fasten cable in derailleur cable anchor normally
  1. If so equipped, re-engage clutch.
  2. Adjust derailleur limit screws, B-tension screw, and shifting normally.
    • Transition cable should not pass cable outlet in largest cog / lowest gear
    1. Trim cable to length and crimp end cap in place.
    2. Double-check all hardware and remove bicycle from workstand.

    1. After two rides, re-adjust shifting to accommodate housing compression and cable seating.