B-RAD (Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device) System

The B-RAD (Be-Rad) system begins with a series of slotted Mounting Bases.  Available in three sizes, B-RAD bases can shift a bottle cage away from inconvenient rear shocks, add room for tools or tubes below a bottle cage, or even provide space for a second bottle on sufficiently-long downtubes.

Here is a useful document that if you print this in 1-1 format you can cut out the 3 B-RAD bases to see what fits on your bike.


Next you can mount various B-RAD accessories to your B-RAD base or bases.  The B-RAD accessories improve or optimize bottle cage locations, add water/tool/spare parts capacity, and there are many more accessories coming in the future.  Check out the pictures below for various examples of how B-RAD can be configured.  If you have a unique B-RAD setup, send it our way so we can add it to this information page!


All Enduro or mountain setup making use of a non ideal bottle cage location using B-RAD 2 with Strap Mount holding tube, C02, multi tool, and tire irons.
This setup shows a B-RAD 3 with Strap Mount on the down tube and seat tube. B-RAD2 with Strap Mount on down tube.  An endurance XC racer might use a combination of these setups
This ride all day setup features a Double bottle on B-RAD 4 with Strap Mount on Downtube and B-RAD 3 with bottle cage and Strap Mount on seat tube
This is a frame with maximized inline bottle storage with the B-RAD 4 on the downtube, B-RAD 4 with Iine bottle an accessory canister on seat tube, B-RAD 2 on the bottom of the downtube relocating the bottle for bigger tire clearance
Trail setup with B-RAD 4, Strap Mount, and in this case a Double Bottle mount.  
Adventure and Gravel racing setup with B-RAD 4 used with a Double Bottle Adapter to split bottles around a under top tube bag.