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Some bicycle frames have an upper limit for the maximum chainring size you can use due to clearance between the chainring and chainstay. We created the table and printable PDF below to help you determine how large of a chainring will physically fit on your bike. If you print out the PDF below at 100% scale, you can place the paper over your existing chainring to see where the paper contacts your frame.

Tooth Count Diameter (mm) Diameter (in)
24T 103.7mm 4.10in
26T 111.8mm 4.42in
28T 119.9mm 4.74in
30T 128.0mm 5.06in
32T 136.1mm 5.38in
34T 144.2mm 5.69in
36T 152.2mm 6.01in
38T 160.3mm 6.33in
40T 168.4mm 6.65in
42T 176.5mm 6.97in
44T 184.6mm 7.28in
46T 192.7mm 7.60in
48T 200.8mm 7.92in
50T 208.8mm 8.24in
52T 216.9mm 8.56in

Chainring Diameter by Tooth Count