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We asked a few of our athletes and ambassadors what products they are stoked on these days, so we could share it with you!

Kurt Refsnider, an accomplished professional ultra-endurance mountain biker who most recently crushed the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the 140-mile Kokopelli Trail, not only rides faster and farther than most, but also wears out components at a similar clip.

Kurt Refsnider in the Scottish HighlandsKurt riding in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.
Photo credit for the above photo and for the featured photo: Kurt Refsnider
IG: @kurt.refsnider


His pick is the CAMO Stainless Steel chainrings (specifically a 28T), and when asked what he’s accomplished on his stainless CAMO rings, he responded:

Oh man, what have I accomplished with the stainless CAMO rings? Up until this season, virtually everything for the prior few years or so was on those - a new record on the Arizona Trail 750, wins in Trans North Georgia, the Colorado Trail Race, 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, the Cariboo Jack backcountry enduro, and thousands of miles of other adventures...and almost all of that was on a 28T. The stainless versions last at least 4x as long as aluminum 28T rings in my experience.”

Wolf Tooth CAMO Stainless Steel Chainring

Teagan Heap, a 13-year-old MTB rider specializing in downhill dual slalom and freeride, has been able to add some impressive wins to her resume this year despite the pandemic. 

Teagan Heap getting air on a MTBTeagan Heap shreds!
IG: @teaganheap


Her pick is the Performance Headset, and here is what she has to say about it:

“One of my personal favorites from Wolf Tooth is their Performance Headset! It’s crazy dry and dusty where I live and the baseplate seal on there keeps the cups and bearings clean for a long time, which means no creaking! Plus it comes in sick colorways so I can match it up to my builds right now. I’m all about that nickel color, match it with a spacer kit and it’s so mint!!”

Purple Wolf Tooth Performance Headset

Mark Watson & Hana Black, two adventure cyclists from New Zealand, spent nearly four years bikepacking the Americas, stitching together backroads from Alaska to Patagonia, before having to cut their trip short due to the pandemic.

Mark Watson and Hana Black BikepackingMark & Hana on their journey.
Photo credit: Mark Watson & Hana Black
@highluxphoto & @beinghana


Their pick is the EnCase System, and this is what they have to say about it:

We love the EnCase System because it puts a big range of essential tools at your fingertips (literally!). From plugging a tubeless tyre, to fixing a chain and tweaking a spoke, removing a pedal or fine-tuning a component, you're covered and it's easy to access and quick to use. 


Having those items in-situ in your bars means you don't get out on your next adventure and realize you've left your multitool behind. 


We've particularly liked the tubeless repair tool because it's handy to reach, contains rubber strips already and works really well. Its utility has helped us on the road in the Andes to quickly fix punctures and get back on the road asap!”


Wolf Tooth EnCase System 


Gordon Wadsworth, a professional MTB rider, 8x National Champion, and exceptional atop a singlespeed, really knows how to add style to his speed.

Gordon Wadsworth Racing MTBGordon Wadsworth during the 4 Islands MTB Stage Race in Croatia.


His pick is the anodized Color Kit, and this is what he has to say about it:


“Call me a slave to fashion but a bike isn’t quite complete until everything is color matched. Whether looking for the last touch to a new project or looking to spice up a bike that you’ve had for a long time, the Color Kit is a radical way to make a bike really yours.” 

Wolf Tooth Anodized Green Color Kit 


Kait Boyle, a World Champion and record-holding Ultra MTB and adventure athlete, came back strong after a two-year recovery from a traumatic car accident with lots of bikepacking and recently broke the previous record for the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the 140-mile Kokopelli Trail in preparation for taking the world by storm with her 2021 goals.

Kait BoyleKait exploring the Wyoming Range.
Photo Credit: Will Stubb, IG: @willstubb
Kait Boyle, IG: @kait.boyle


Her pick is the B-RAD Mini Roll-Top Bag, and this is what she has to say about it:


“In addition to holding my repair, first aid and a wind jacket for backcountry rides, I have used it on my 5.5" travel f/s mountain bike as a seat bag for a 5 day exploratory trip in the Wyoming Range. We rode the Wyoming National Recreation Trail which mile for mile had more climbing than the Colorado Trail! It involved a ton of hike-a-bike but the landscape was incredible - we were at or above treeline for about 4 days straight!!

It held a ziploc full of oats and my wind jacket - not much for bikepacking but the extra space made a difference and is the only tiny seat bag that I can use with a dropper and that much travel.”

Kait Boyle's Bikepacking RigKait's Bikepacking Setup with the B-RAD Roll-Top Bag mounted under the saddle.
Photo Credit: Kurt Refsnider

Wolf Tooth B-RAD Roll-Top Bag


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