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The new 8-Bit Pack Pliers is a lightweight multi-tool with 17 functions. Eight attachments nest inside the handles of master link pliers using magnets and a clever storage system. These attachments then fit into an 8mm ball detent swivel head that has a 4mm opening for hex bits, which adds functionality to the already-versatile master link pliers. This new multi-tool was created to solve almost any minor repair on MTB and road rides alike.


Each of the attachments can be swapped out and chosen for the task at hand. The hex bits include a spoke wrench and valve core wrench; a T10 and T25 Torx-compatible bit; flat head #3.5 and Phillips #2 screwdriver; and hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm bits that fit into the ball detent swivel head that is also an 8mm hex bit. A magnet inside the swivel head keeps the bits in place while they are being used. The eighth bit is a rasp that can be used for clearing valve stems clogged with tire sealant. When the swivel head is angled, torque can be added to break loose a pedal or stubborn bolt. When the swivel head is unbent, the tool behaves like a screwdriver for faster rotations and quick work.


The master link pliers borrow functions from the popular Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers. The tips of the pliers can be used to remove and install the master link of a chain, while the pliers section closer to the bolt was shaped to the specifications for a valve stem lock nut. Storage space for one set of master links was built into the pliers handle with a magnet to keep them in place. The chainring bolt that holds everything together is available in a variety of colors.


The 8-Bit Pack Pliers is part of the Wolf Tooth Pack Tools product line. This is a line of tools that is designed to be lightweight and versatile enough to carry on a ride, while being just as strong and reliable as the tools on a workbench. Because that strength can be vital on the trail, we tested the 8mm swivel head function of the 8-Bit Pack Pliers to withstand more than 40 Nm of torque. Like other Pack Tools, this one was designed and machined with 7075-T6 aluminum at the Wolf Tooth machine shop in Minnesota. It will fit in a tool wrap or jersey pocket, or be a mainstay at any home workshop.

Find the new 8-Bit Pack Pliers here and wherever Wolf Tooth is sold.

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