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Boostinator W6R & WXR Installation

Congratulations!  Now that you have yours, it's time to install that Boostinator.  Installation should take 5-10 minutes, re-dishing about the same.

Tools and Supplies


  • Protective eyewear
  • 2mm hex key
  • T25 Torx key
  • Torque wrench with T25 bit
  • Pliers
  • Removable thread-locking compound

o   Loctite 246 (recommended), 242, or equivalent

  • Clean rag


  • Truing stand
  • Spoke wrench
  • 2x1in section of old inner tube


Mounting Instructions

  1. If mounted, use Torx key to remove six rotor bolts and rotor from hub

o   Never use a torque wrench to remove hardware

  1. Find the small circular window on the disc side of the hub shell
  2. Repeat the following three times:
  • Rotate axle until set screw is visible
  • Use 2mm hex key to back set screw out until loose but not so far that it binds with hub shell (1-1.5 turns)
  1. Use pliers to pull disc-side end cap and preload adjusting collar from hub.

o   Use old inner tube to protect end cap finish from pliers.

o   If end cap does not move, return to previous step and loosen set screws further

  1. Use rag to clean hub disc mounting surface and rotor mounting surface.

o   Take care not to touch or otherwise contaminate rotor braking surface.

  1. Use rag to clean end cap recess and exposed axle end.
  2. Remove adjusting collar from disc-side end cap
  3. Install adjusting collar onto Boostinator end cap
  4. Press slide Boostinator end cap and adjusting collar onto axle end.

o   Press firmly until met with a hard (metal-on-metal) stop.  

  1. Adjust hub as follows:
  • Place hub on work surface with drive side down
  • Use fingers or an appropriately-sized socket to press down on adjusting collar (Boostinator end cap will not move)
  • Use 2mm hex key to snug each of the three set screws
  • Check for lateral axle movement by pushing on axle ends.  If movement is felt, loosen set screws and adjust preload as above.
  1. Apply one drop of thread locking compound to leading end of Boostinator bolt threads

o   Use only provided M5x16mm pan head Torx bolts with heads marked "10.9".  If unavailable, contact Wolf Tooth Components for replacement.

  1. Place 6mm Boostinator rotor spacer on hub and align holes with threaded hub rotor mounting holes.
  2. Use Torx key to install six Boostinator screws through rotor and spacer to finger tightness only.

o   Do not mount rotors larger than 183mm in diameter using a rear Boostinator kit.

  1. Use Torque wrench set to 5Nm to tighten Boostinator screws in the following pattern:
  2. 12:00 -> 6:00 -> 4:00 -> 10:00 -> 2:00 -> 8:00

Re-Dishing Wheel

Important:  If unfamiliar with wheel building or truing, we strongly recommend taking your Boostinated wheel to a local shop for re-dishing.

  1. Mount wheel in truing stand.
  2. True wheel to remove any major hops or wobbles.
  3. Re-dish wheel by loosening drive-side and tightening disc-side spokes 1/4-turn per pass. 

o   If previously true and properly dished, most wheels will require less than 1/2-turn loosening on drive-side spokes and less than one turn added to disc-side spokes.

  1. De-tension and true wheel as needed.