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The GoatLink 11 hanger extension offsets the position of your 11-speed Shimano mountain bike rear derailleur allowing you to be able to run a wider range cassette while improving importance.

  • Same ergonomics and reliability of Shimano shifters and derailleurs

  • Gear range, simplicity and quietness of SRAM 1x11 drivetrain

  • High-performance and lightweight

This project began with the desire to run 11-speed Shimano derailleurs and shifters with SRAM 10-42t XD cassettes. Granted the combination can work without modification - but performance wasn't quite what we'd expect from Shimano and SRAM's finest.

When used with a 10-42t cassette, the GoatLink 11 re-positions SLX M7000, XT M8000 and XTR M9000 rear derailleurs such that free chain length between the cassette and the top derailleur pulley is within 1% of what Shimano intended while cassette tooth engagement in the smallest cog is improved by 27%.

Knowing that certain situations call for a range beyond that provided 10-42t or 11-42t cassettes, we tweaked the GoatLink 11 to also significantly improve Shimano 11spd rear derailleur performance with extended-range like the Wolf Tooth GCX44 modified 10-44t XX1 or X01 cassette.



    Cassette  •  Compatibility
    11-40  •  Not Required
    11-42  •  Not Required
    11-45  •  GS/SGS Derailleur
    11-46  •  GS/SGS Derailleur
    10-42  •  GS/SGS Derailleur
    10-44  •  GS/SGS Derailleur (Wolf Tooth GCX44)  
    10-45  •  Not Optimized
      9-44  •  Not Optimized


      Other notes:

      • The GoatLink 11 is compatible with SLX M700, XT M8000 and XTR M9000 series 11-speed Shimano rear derailleurs.
      • The GoatLink 11 mounts only to standard derailleur hangers.
      • Double chainrings (2x) is supported and requires a long cage (SGS) rear derailleur with no more than a 12t difference in front chainrings (with an 11-46t cassette).
      • Triple chainrings are not supported.
      • Direct Mount native frames and SRAM derailleurs are not supported. 


        Improvements with the GoatLink 11*:

        10-42t  •  Improved by 99%
        Free Chain in bottom cog (unsupported chain - shorter is better and will increase shifting precision):

          10-44t  •  Improved by 32%
          10-45t  •  Improved by 28%
          11-45t  •  Improved by 36%
          11-46t  •  Improved by 32%
            9-44t  •  Improved by 26%

          Chain Wrap in bottom cog:

          10-42t  •  Improved by 27%
          10-44t  •  Reduced by 9%
          10-45t  •  Reduced by 7%
          11-45t  •  Reduced by 8%
          11-46t  •  Improved by 12%
            9-44t  •  Reduced by 8%
            Summary in plot form - movement towards the red X is in the direction of goodness (more chain wrap and less free chain)

              *Due to variations in derailleur hanger geometry, chainstay length, chainring size, B-screw adjustment, and suspension configuration, individual results will vary slightly.

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              Tech Specs

              Weight:  19g
              Material:  6061 aluminum
              Included:  stainless steel bolt
              Torque:  8-10Nm
              Made in the USA

              Patent and trademark information