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Oval Chainrings

PowerTrac Elliptical Oval Chainring logo

Why Oval?

Why Powertrac?

  • Increased and more consistent power
  • Better efficiency in recovery zone
  • Increased traction thanks to consistent torque
  • 10% ovality for more natural pedal stroke
  • 112° timing for quicker engagement
  • Drop-Stop tooth profile for chain security



More power, better traction, less shifting. Wolf Tooth oval chainrings use our proprietary PowerTrac Elliptical design that has all the benefits of oval, but without the funky, uneven pedal stroke. Ride one once and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try oval.

Think of an oval chainring as two chainrings in one. A major benefit of oval is how the shape of the chainring alters your gearing in two important phases of your pedal stroke by harnessing your body’s natural biomechanics. Here’s how it works. The area of the chainring with the larger diameter engages with the chain at the optimal point on the downstroke, which is what’s known as the Power Zone. If you were to look at a clock, the Power Zone would be between 1-5 and 7-11. Conversely, the Recovery Zone – back to the clock face, between 11-1 and 5-7 – is the weakest part of the pedal stroke, when the oval maximizes your efficiency. A 34T oval chainring behaves like a 36T chainring when you want power, while behaving like a 32T chainring when you’re climbing.

Wolf Tooth elliptical chainrings feature 10% ovality, combined with 112° timing, which is measured after the Top Dead Center (TDC). This means that with our oval rings, the larger-diameter section of the ring engages with the chain at the optimal point on the downstroke, or Power Zone, to take advantage of your body’s natural biomechanics.

Shop our selection of oval chainrings for mountain, road, and gravel bikes.