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Note that these are CAMO ED coated steel replacement bolts that include a blue Nylok patch for a secure installation. Your CAMO Spider comes with silver steel bolts that requires use of blue loctite. A CAMO Chainring is required to mount the CAMO Spider. See tech specs below for installation torque. 

The CAMO chainring system was created by the Wolf Tooth engineers for chainline and material optimization on direct mount style chainrings. The key advantages include:

  1. Ideal chainline - less wear and shifting precision
  2. Optimal material usage - weight, stiffness and wear
  3. Price - less expensive replacement chainrings
  4. Swapping - fast chainring change out with 5 small bolts and no nuts
  5. Availability - round or oval, stainless or aluminum, and no matter the crankset
  6. Bling! - spider colors and bolt colors add a little flash to your sweet ride

Learn more about the CAMO advantages here


  • These bolts were specifically designed for use with our CAMO chainring system
  • Correct torque and blue loctite thread locker must be used if blue Nylok patch is not already applied


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Tech Specs:

    • Material ED steel
    • M5 x 8mm
    • Colors - black, blue, red, gold, silver
    • Installation notes
      • You will be able to access all bolts without removing the spider
      • Line up the dot on the ring with the dot on the spider (the mounting holes are asymmetric so you cannot install the ring in the wrong rotational orientation)
      • Be sure the bosses on the spider “plug in” to the chainring
    • Torque bolts to 3 NM and use blue Loctite if blue Nylok patch is not already applied
    • Weight - 5 bolts = 4 grams