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The patent-pending Wolf Tooth bar plug attachment is one of the coolest differentiating features of our Singletrack Pogies. This 1/4 turn locking attachment makes installing and removing the pogies a cinch!  No screws, no velcro, no hassle -- just click them in and ride.

We are selling these Bar Plugs as a stand alone product because some customers may want an extra to move the pogies around, say from a commuter bike to their fat bike to their mountain bike. Or they may have existing pogies or hand covers that need a more convenient attachment solution.


  • Most flat bars on the market. Inner diameter of the handlebar should be between 17.4mm and 20mm.
  • Designed for use with the Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogie
  • Will work with some other hand covers, bar mitts or pogies 


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Other manufacturer's pogies in need of a better attachment solution


  • Note that our pogies come with one pair of these bar plugs
  • See Installation Instructions for details on installing Pogies
  • Expanding mandrel bar plug and 1/4 turn locking attachment
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA, patent pending
  • Material - Unique polymer blend resistant to impact at extreme low temperatures
  • Weight - 28g per pair