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For a short time only, ReMote and ReMote Light Action dropper levers in Limited Edition ORANGE are back in stock. We’re excited to re-release these dropper levers into the wild. Orange is our most requested color for ReMote and ReMote Light Action. Pair with Halloween candy, hero dirt at sunset, and your favorite trails.

Wolf Tooth Limited Edition Orange ReMote and ReMote Light Action dropper levers sitting on a table.

ReMote and ReMote Light Action are compact, ergonomic, and designed to solve common dropper post complaints. These levers feature up-front cable fixing for easy adjustments and a large-diameter ball-bearing pivot for smooth operation. Our standard ReMote features quick actuation and a shorter lever length (46.3mm), while the ReMote Light Action’s longer lever (57.1mm) reduces push force by 25%. Enjoy hassle-free installation, a low-profile lever, and a breakaway axle pivot in case of a crash. Should your ReMote or ReMote Light Action be damaged, we offer ReMote Replacement Parts so you can easily make repairs.

These dropper levers are compatible with most cable actuated dropper posts including our new Resolve Dropper Post.

A collection of orange Wolf Tooth products: Orange Waveform Aluminum Pedals, Orange Alloy Bar End Plugs, Orange Chainring Bolts, and an Orange ReMote Light Action.

Find additional orange components and accessories available on Wolf Tooth Color Shop, a unique website feature that allows you to sort products by your favorite hues. Go for the ultimate orange look by adding Waveform Aluminum Pedals, Alloy Bar End Plugs, chainring bolts, and more. 

ReMote and ReMote Light Action in Limited Edition Orange are available here. Shop now or forever hold your peace.

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