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All right folks. We’ve got a proclamation to make. Grips are the most Overlooked Bike Part. Often the last addition to a bike build and the first to cause discomfort, grips are integral to maintaining bike control, supporting your hands, and to protecting your handlebars on the trail. We believe we should be just as particular about grips as we are about drivetrains, which is why we make seven different grips for every riding discipline. From downhill to enduro to XC, Wolf Tooth grips are designed to provide lasting comfort and durability, keeping you riding longer (and happier!) on any surface. 

Consistency is key, which is why all of our grips (from the Mega Fat Paw all the way to the Karv Cam) are made with 100% proprietary dual-density silicone. Not only does this compound provide excellent vibration dampening, the silicone also conforms to your hand without sacrificing the grip’s overall stability. Everyone (and every hand!) is different; hand strength, grip radius, and finger reach all factor into the success of one’s ride, which can make finding the perfect grips both frustrating and time consuming. Wolf Tooth grips mold to your personal hand shape, individualizing your overall fit and ensuring a consistent and reliable point of contact between you and your bike.

A Wolf Tooth Grip Comparison chart, which lists all available Wolf Tooth grips and their thicknesses.

Wolf Tooth grips come in a variety of thicknesses. Our Razer grips are low-profile and lightweight, measuring in at 5.0mm thick—perfect for those who like a thinner feel yet still desire a tactile squish. Our 11.5mm Mega Fat Paw grips, developed for riders who crave a larger diameter grip, are the thickest silicone grips available on the market. Whether you ride with or without gloves, all of our grips feature a soft, tacky surface that reduces hand slippage (super technical term) even in the worst conditions. 

First there’s ergonomic, and then there’s more ergonomic. Or maybe it’s ergonomicer? Our grips come in two shapes: round and cam. Both shapes are made from the same tactile dual-density silicone compound, but each offer different advantages depending on your riding style, overall reach, and personal preference. Cam grips have two slim facets which provide additional points of contact for your hands; the shape’s ergonomic design also keeps the maximum amount of padding beneath your palm, reducing hand fatigue and numbness.

A chart showing the advantages of cam-shaped cycling grips.

Our cam grips (Mega Fat Paw Cam, Fat Paw Cam, and Karv Cam) are also available in round (in addition to our round Razer grips!). With consistent surface area and overall thickness, round grips are excellent for those who like to feel a little extra cushion. Regardless of shape, personal preference ultimately wins the day—which is why we make grips for every type of cyclist! Feel free to put your Wolf Tooth grips through the paces: our grips excel in durability and overall construction, leading to longer grip life and less wear. Check out our most recent Instagram reel, which shows a grip having the time of its life as it rolls around Wolf Tooth HQ!

A red Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grip with Wolf Tooth alloy bar end plugs.

There, we said it. Grips may be the most Overlooked Bike Part, but they’re also one of the most important aspects of your riding experience. Love your Wolf Tooth grips? Upload a photo to Instagram and tag #wolftoothcomponents to be featured in our Instagram stories! View our full collection of grips here.

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