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We're stoked to announce that Echo Lock-On Grips are now available in a variety of colors. This new release expands our current line of Wolf Tooth Echo Lock-On Grips and our grips product category as a whole. Nine colors are launching today: blue, green, gray, orange, pink, purple, teal, yellow, and red.

Each grip is paired with a black anodized aluminum collar and comes with our standard plastic Wolf Tooth Bar End Plugs. Alloy Bar Plugs are available as an optional upgrade.

Echo Lock-On Grips are made for all-mountain riding, from XC to downhill. We've chosen durometer 20A rubber for these grips, which is known for its soft feel and excellent vibration damping. The rubber absorbs vibrations from rocky trails and keeps your hands comfortable during long rides.

The alternating diagonal pattern of the grip is designed to keep your hands in place and provide grip with or without gloves in all conditons. The center of the grip features stripes in one direction, while the inner and outer ends feature alternating stripes to prevent hands from moving away from the center of the grip.

Echo Lock-On Grips are 132mm long with a 32mm installed diameter. The 22mm internal diameter is compatible with any standard mountain bike handlebar, whether carbon or aluminum. These grips are compatible with our EnCase System Multi-Tools. The EnCase System Bar Kit One provides over 20 trailside repair functions and nestles directly inside your handlebar ends.

These new colors include machined black anodized aluminum collars. We've machined black anodized aluminum collars to secure the grips to your handlebars. The collar can be tightened/loosened with a 3mm hex wrench.

These grips expand our grips product category as a whole. With today's release, we now have eight grip options available in a variety of materials, thicknesses, and colors.

We released silicone foam grips in 2019 in four sizes and two shapes: Fat Paw Grips, Karv Cam Grips, Razer Grips, and Mega Fat Paw Grips, which are the thickest foam grips on the market. All Wolf Tooth grips (from silicone to rubber) provide superior comfort and vibration damping.

Colorful Echo Lock-On Grips are now available for purchase. Click the button below to learn more.

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