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The Valais 25 is an adapter that allows the use of a seat bag with a dropper post. The Valais mounts to the stanchion (upper post section of a dropper post), providing a secure mounting point while protecting the stanchion from wear and the wiper seal from damage. 

We have two Valais diameters available so you will need to know your stanchion diameter. Valais 25 refers to the height of the strap the Valais allows (25mm or 1" strap height). The dual-lip design securely holds packs with straps up to 25mm wide and at full compression the deep skirt contacts the seal collar first, protecting delicate seals from damage. While the Valais is optimized for straps up to 25mm wide, it will also work with wider straps. The adapter is injection-molded from an engineering-grade thermoplastic and strong enough to serve as a temporary crutch in the event of a backcountry dropper failure. 

  • Strong, resilient, and non-marring DuPont  Delrin® thermoplastic, allowing for easy snap-on installation and full strength all the way down to -20°F/-29°C.

  • Shifts cargo to the bike: Small- and mid-sized saddle bags are ideal places to securely store tubes, mini tools, and CO2 cartridges, ensuring that they’re always on hand when needed while freeing up the top tube and handlebar bags for more regularly accessed items.

  • Protects dropper post stanchion: Inexpensive insurance, the Valais protects dropper post stanchions from the wear that occurs at the intersection of saddle bag, seatpost, and wheel-flung grit.

  • Emergency crutch: While dropper posts continue to improve, locking mechanism failure still occurs- often far from the trailhead. The Valais can be used to keep posts extended, allowing the rider to comfortably pedal out of the backcountry.

  • Raceday travel limiter: When seven inches is more than the terrain calls for, the Valais can be used to limit dropper travel to suit.

  • 35mm tall


  • Valais limits the dropper travel by at least 25mm.
  • Must have an internal cable routing dropper post
  • Optimized for straps up to 1" (25mm) wide, though will work with wider straps
  • There are two Valais sizes available: 25mm diameter stanchions and one for the 26mm stanchions. Measure your upper seatpost stanchion diameter to determine the correct size to use.
  • Valais 25mm accommodates posts with 24.75-25.25mm stanchion diameter.Some known posts of this size include:
    • Easton Haven
    • Giant Contact (internal routing)
    • RaceFace Turbine
    • RockShox Reverb Stealth
    • Specialized Command Post
    • 9Point8 Fall Line
    • Bikeyoke Revive
    • Others
  • Valais 26mm accommodates posts with 26-26.5mm stanchion diameter. Some known posts of this size include:
    • Wolf Tooth Resolve*
    • Thomson Covert
    • Fox Transfer
    • KS eTen
    • One-Up
    • Others
  • At full compression, the Valais' deep skirt contacts the seal collar first and will not contact the seal lip (protecting delicate seals from damage).

    Note: Discrete position droppers will likely lose the lowest position because the Valais reduces the dropper travel by 25mm

* We do not recommend using the Wolf Tooth Valais on the Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post becuase anything that prevents fully bottoming out will reduce the self-bleeding capability. 


  • Remove the screw and slide Valais over seatpost stanchion
  • Put the Valais at the highest position, install the screw and tighten to 2-3 NM
  • Install your saddle bag with it as full as it will be on the trail.  
  • Let all the air out of your frame shock, drop the post, and compress the bike suspension all the way.
  • Assure there is adequate tire to saddle bag clearance. If there is not tire clearance, raise the dropper, and lower the Valais until there is adequate tire to saddle bag clearance.
  • Re-inflate your shock and be sure that the Valais is torqued to 2-3 Nm

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Tech Specs

Weight: 25mm • 20g  |  26mm • 19g
Material: Injection molded DuPont Delrin thermoplastic
Torque:  2-3 Nm
Made in the USA 

WARNING Handling this product will expose you to chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For further information go to