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This aluminum wrench and insert kit is designed to provide a bike tool solution that is compact and lightweight enough to carry with you on the road but still be durable enough for everyday use. The aluminum wrench has magnets that hold the nickel plated steel inserts in place. The wrench has splines for bottom brackets and centerlock rotors and the four included inserts cover most common bike applications.

This kit includes:

  • Pack Wrench - ultralight 1" hex and bottom bracket wrench
  • Ultralight Cinch and ISIS Spline Wrench Insert - older ISIS bottom brackets or the Race Face Cinch direct mount chainring system
  • Ultralight Cassette Lock Ring Wrench Insert - cassette lockrings and some centerlock rotor lockrings
  • Ultralight 8mm Hex Wrench Insert - pedal removal and other 8mm hex applications
  • Ultralight 16mm Hex Wrench Insert - Race Face Cinch aluminum spindle bolts, frame pivots, and other 16mm hex applications

All inserts are made in the USA and CNC machined from hardened steel with electroless nickel plating.


  • Designed for use with most modern mountain and road bikes.
  • 1-inch hex drive interface compatible

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Tech Specs

Weights: Pack Wrench • 88g  |  Cassette Lock Ring Wrench Insert • 31g  |  Cinch and ISIS Spline Wrench Insert • 56g  |  8mm Hex Wrench Insert • 63g  |  16mm Hex Wrench Insert • 78g

Material: wrench • aluminum  |  Inserts • nickel-plated 4140 Chromoly steel

Made in the USA

Patent and trademark information

WARNING Handling this product will expose you to chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For further information go to