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Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Grips XL (extra long) are 25mm longer than our standard Fat Paw grips. The extra length provides room to vary your hand position on the grip or cover exposed handlebar between grip and shifter. Just like the standard Fat Paws they have a large 36mm installed diameter and a soft 100% silicone foam compound to keep your hands comfortable on those all day rides. Bar end plugs with the Wolf Tooth logo are included.

  • 36mm installed diameter 

  • 100% proprietary dual-density silicone compound provides excellent vibration damping and conforms to your hand for improved comfort while maintaining durability

  • Tacky texture provides excellent grip with or without gloves in all weather conditions

  • Includes bar end plugs


Mountain bike handlebars

Includes 2 Wolf Tooth bar end plugs


  • Install bar ends first. If end caps fit too tightly, cut down the last plastic rib for a better fit.
  • Spray 91% isopropyl alcohol on the inside of the grip and over the handlebar area.
  • Slide the grip onto the bar and allow to dry.

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Tech Specs

Weight:  124g
Length: 160mm
Diameter: 36-37mm installed diameter.  9.5mm uninstalled wall thickness
Material:  100% Silicone, plastic bar end plugs
Made in the USA

Patent and trademark information