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LoneWolf & GnarWolf Braze-on Mount Calculator

Find the right braze-on mount fitment for your bike:

The low sweep mount is designed to have significant adjustment and will work for the most commonly used chainring sizes on most frames. We also offer mid and high sweep mounts for applications where the chainring size is larger than what the low sweep mount can accommodate. The chainring sizes that each mount fitment can accommodate varies somewhat on different frames because the position of the braze-on mount relative to the bottom bracket is not a universal standard. This calculator was developed to determine the chainring adjustability ranges for each braze-on guide based on the specific geometry of your bike.

There are three dimensions that will determine the chainring size range covered by each guide option for your bike. The width of the braze-on slot (A), the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the lower end of the braze-on slot (B), and the seat tube angle (C). Enter these three dimensions along with the chainring size you plan to use in the blue input boxes to calculate the results for your bike. Guides and fitments that will work on your bike will be highlighted in green; options that will not work will be highlighted in red.


LoneWolf GnarWolf Calculator Diagram