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DT Swiss Hub Boostinator Compatibility

The new 2017 DT Swiss 1500 series front wheels are not compatible with the DF2 (front boostinator). To determine if your wheelset is compatible, remove the non-rotor side endcap and measure the OD.  If the OD is 28mm, the DF2 is NOT compatible.  The DF2 is only compatible if the OD is ~29.7mm.

If your wheelset is not listed, it is not compatible.





Front XR 1501 Spline One (2016 and older)  DF2
Rear XR 1501 Spline One  DR
Front XM 1501 Spline One (2016 and older)  DF2
Rear XM 1501 Spline One  DR
Front X 1900 Spline
Front X 1700 Spline Two  DF3
Rear X 1700 Spline Two  DR
Front M 1900 Spline DF3
Front M 1700 Spline Two  DF3
Rear M 1700 Spline Two  DR
Rear FR 1950 Classic  DR
Front EX 1501 Spline One (2016 and older)  DF2
Rear EX 1501 Spline One (2016 and older)  DR
Front E 1900 Spline DF3
Front E 1700 Spline Two  DF3
Rear E 1700 Spline Two  DR