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The Pack Hanger Alignment Tool allows quick adjustments to be made to the derailleur hanger while on the trail or in the workshop. Alignment fixes are quick and intuitive, as you only need to adjust the hanger handle until it is parallel with the indicator rod. By using the bike's axle for reference, you don't need to be concerned with the wheel for making adjustments to the hanger. This new tool has included options for QR and thru axle. And for simple and durable storage, the components of this tool also nest inside of the handle.
  • Quick, easy deployment at the trailhead or workshop with all components ready to go inside the handle.
  • Tightening knob employs a clever rock-to-lock thread engagement that saves time while installing and removing.
  • Alignment is made by a simple, intuitive process of lining up the handle to the indicator rod. No turning the wheel or dodging spokes required.

    Available in four options:

    • Thru Axle Kit - works on 12mm thru axle bikes
    • Thru Axle and Quick Release Kit - works on 12mm thru axle and 5mm quick release bikes
    • Quick Release Kit - works on 5mm quick release bikes
    • Quick Release Adapter - add on part to allow the Thru Axle Kit to be used on quick release bikes


    • Frames using a standard M10x1 threaded derailleur hanger
    • Bike frames using a 12mm thru axle or 5mm quick release
    • Compatible only with bikes having axle threads on the right side (drivetrain side) dropout
    • Frame spacing:
        • Thru axle 12x142 to 12x197
        • Quick release all widths




          • Follow instructions carefully to prevent damage to frame or tool

          These videos show how to use the Hanger Alignment Tool for both Thru Axle and QR bikes.


          Image instructions

          Thru Axle

          Step 1: Remove derailleur and axle from bike.


          Step 2: Select and secure correct axle thread pitch to dummy axle. 


          Steps 3 and 4: Install the hanger handle into derailleur hanger. Extend indicator rod straight out. This is now your reference for alignment, so be careful to not apply force or bend the indicator rod.


          Step 5: Adjust the hanger handle until it is parallel with indicator rod.


          Step 6: When aligned, hanger handle will be parallel with indicator rod from all angles.


          Step 7: Get back on your bike and ride. (not pictured)


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          Tech Specs

            Weight:  Thru Axle/QR Tool • 324g  |  Thru Axle Tool •  297g  |  QR Adapter •  54g  |  QR Kit • 175g

            7075-T6 aluminum  |  6061-T6 aluminum  |  303 stainless steel

            Made in the USA

              WARNING Handling this product will expose you to chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For further information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

              Patent and trademark information