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It is easy to damage the shallow torx head when removing the 3 bolts that hold a Direct Mount Ring to SRAM cranks.  These bolts are direct replacements, or spares, for those 3 bolts.  Many customers add them to the cart...just in case!



  • Any SRAM crankset that has a direct mount spider

Complementing products:

This L-wrench makes installation of SRAM Direct Mount Chainrings a LOT easier

Our SRAM Direct Mount chainrings come in Stainless, Elliptical, and standard round Aluminum (SDM - 6mm offset or BB30 - 0mm offset)


Tech Specs:

  • Torque 6-7Nm
  • Set of 3 high quality M5x8 class 8.8 zinc plated alloy steel bolts
  • Colors - silver