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Wolf Tooth CAMO with elliptical chainring installed on bike

1x Drivetrains Explained - Gearing, Mechanics, and Optimization

The simplicity and effectiveness of a 1x (pronounced "one-by") drivetrain, which refers to a single front chainring with multiple sprockets and a rear derailleur, has many people converting their multi-chainring setups.  At Wolf Tooth, we were at the forefront of this 1x revolution and wanted to share a summary of the most important points for 1x gearing, mechanics, and optimization.

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Blue, Black, Gold, Silver, Green, and Red Wolf Tooth QR Seatpost Clamps

Wolf Tooth QR Seatpost Clamp: Installing and Setting the Torque

Learn how to install and set the torque on this new Wolf Tooth Components QR (Quick Release) Seatpost Clamp with this simple guide.

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