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Wrapping process
1. Always wrap from the bottom/end of the bars and work your way up to the top
2. Right side wrapping direction is counterclockwise, left side is clockwise 
3. Start the tape half on and half off the end of the handlebar and using tension wrap 2-3 rounds
4. Install bar plug- Tuck the overhanging tape into the bar and using a mallet gently tap in the bar end plug into the handlebar
5 Always using tension, continue wrapping the bars with 30-50% tape overlapping making your way to the brake/shifter lever body
6 Using the figure 8 method wrap around the lever body while maintaining tension on the tape and continue 2-3 wraps past the top of the hood
7 Roll down the rubber hood on the body lever and inspect the tape to make sure you have 100% bar tape coverage around the hood
8 Continue the wrap while maintaining tension until you reach your ending point near the stem
9 Use a marker or pen to mark a line on the tape indicating where the tape should end
10 Cutting the tape- Unwrap the tape 1-2 rounds, using scissors, cut along the marked line 
11 Wrap the final 1-2 rounds and make any final trims with a scissors
12 Using the provided finishing tape, wrap in the same direction starting at the bottom of the bars and work your way around with tension
13 Try to end/cut the finishing tape under the handlebar