Aluminum Single Speed Cog


These are the lightest weight and best looking aluminum single speed cogs available! They feature extra tall teeth for reliable chain retention when using chain tensioners and are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum billet for the best combination of light weight and high strength. They are reversible and feature a 4.5 mm width at the base that won't dig into your freehub body. Now available in 5 great colors!


  • These will fit on any Shimano-type freehub spline (geared or singlespeed)
  • Designed to work with any chain
    • Tooth width optimized for 10- and 11-speed chains so it is recommended to use one of these if the bike has a chain tensioner

Complementing products:

Our Drop-Stop® chainrings mate with these cogs for the ultimate single speed drivetrain

If you need a more durable option, check out our 416 hardened and electropolished stainless steel single speed cogs

Tech Specs:

  • Design and manufactured in the Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Material 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Colors - black, blue, green, red, purple
  • Weight: 22T= 23g, 20T= 20g, 19T= 18g, 18T= 16g, 17T= 15g, 16T= 11g