WTC Logo Beanie


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Black Beanie back in stock in Late October 2015!


For those that like to grab cold weather by the proverbial icy horns, we bring you some WTC cycling beanies!  Fashionable and flashy enough for a night out on the town with your studded tires or fat bike, yet tame enough to wear around the house just because it looks cool.

We will offer 2 weights.  The brim of both hats is fleece-lined jersey material.  The dome is a lightly perforated on the light weight hat, whereas the dome is the same fleece lined jersey material on the thermal hat. Lightweight is black, thermal is gray.

For reference, when crushing the stones (riding gravel roads) we wear the light weight hat down to about 32°F / 0°C and the thermal one for anything colder or whatever point you start needing a windproof hat to avoid the dreaded ice cream headaches.  Obviously road riding and mountain biking as well as how hot you run would shift this scale around.  For CX racing, we would suggest the light weight one.

Finally, these are made by Podiumwear in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.