Sock Guy Wool Wolf Tooth Components Socks


Do you have that favorite pair of socks that you pull out of the drawer, hold them, think about it, but often put back because the ride or race you are heading on is not special enough? Well, for us these Sock Guy wool socks are those socks, so we had some made with our mad WTC wolf on the back.  They scream to the person behind you "watch out because these are my favorite socks and I am gonna drop you!"  

  • 5" cuff
  • Size S/M:  Fits US Mens 5-9, US Womens 6-10
  • Size L/XL:  Fits US Mens 9-13, US Womens 10-14
  • Made in the USA

Made from TurboWool-- a superior blend of 50% Merino wool and 50% polypropylene. This blend is 5 times the strength and durability of Merino wool alone. Shrink-resistant and itch-free our Wool socks will keep your feet drier and provide excellent insulation in all weather conditions. Our Wool socks also feature our "Easy-Fit" cuff and "Stretch-to-Fit" sizing system for maximum fit and performance. Our TurboWool socks out-wick and evaporate moisture better than any other wool sock on the market today.