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Cycling and coffee always go well together....especially on chilly winter morning. We partnered up with two of our favorite local Minnesota businesses to put this gift pack together.  These hand-thrown mugs are made by Deneen Pottery in St. Paul. 25 sets of hands touch each mug to create the finished product and no two are exactly alike.  Bell Lap Coffee artisan roasts their coffee in small batches here in Minneapolis. Choose 1 of 4 distinct coffee options to go with your Wolf Tooth mug.  The perfect gift for the cyclist in your life!

All coffee comes is 12oz bags of whole beans.


Flamme Rouge - French Roast

Their darkest roast, is rich and full-bodied with delightfully distinct bittersweet chocolate highlights.

This coffee blend combines a predominant amount of beans from Central America with dashes of Indonesian and African beans mixed in for highlights.

Namesake: The Flamme Rouge is the Red marker at 1 kilometer from finish in the Tour de France.


The Rivet - Light Roast

High in caffeine content, this light roast is a great kick starter for those early mornings.

Featured flavor notes: Cinnamon, Citrus & Chocolate.

On The Rivet: A rider who is riding at maximum speed. When riding at maximum power output, a road racer often perches on the front tip of the saddle (seat), where the shell of an old-style leather saddle would be attached to the saddle frame with a rivet. One cup of this coffee and you will be riding on "The Rivet".


Rouleur - Medium Roast

With flavor notes that suggest a soft nuttiness, caramel, and earth overtones, it’s the perfectly balanced and tempered coffee for all occasions.

This worldly blend is the perfect proportion of beans from Brazil, Central American, and Papua New Guinea.

Namesake: A Rouleur is a type of racing cyclist considered a good all-rounder just like our Medium Roast. In road bicycle racing different courses favor different types of rider depending on a range of environmental conditions such as terrain, climate and distance.


Max Bulla - Vienna Roast

This is the coffee of choice for those that prefer a bolder cup with some bite.

Using a blend of beans from Papua New Guinea and Central America, our Max Bulla Vienna Roast has wild notes of malt, pecans, and chocolate.

Namesake: When Vienna born Bulla won the second stage of the 1931 Tour de France and took the yellow jersey, the cyclists in the Tour de France were divided into national teams and touriste-routiers. The best cyclists were on the national teams, and the semi-amateurs were touriste-routiers. Bulla was a touriste-routier. In that second stage, the touriste-routiers started 10 minutes later than the national teams. Still, Bulla overtook the national teams, won the stage and took the lead, the only time in history that a touriste-routier was leading the Tour de France.