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Wolf Tooth Right to repair  replacement parts available for products

We believe that you have the #RightToRepair.

Replacement parts are available for most of our components, tools, and accessories that have multiple parts. This includes our ReMote, headsets, 8-Bit System, seatpost clamps, B-RAD System, and more.

If you crash and break the axle of your ReMote Light Action, you can replace just that part instead of needing to purchase a whole new ReMote lever and mount. If you lose the 5mm bit from your 8-Bit Pack Pliers, you can replace just that bit instead of needing to purchase a whole new 8-Bit Pack Pliers. These are just two of the many replacement parts that we have here on our website.

When you have the #RightToRepair, it saves money and reduces waste for both of us.