BarBag attaches to your handlebars and allows for quick access to stored items like fuel, phone, or wallet while navigating rugged terrain.

Easy to flip open with one hand (even while wearing bulky gloves) and it with MagCro® it closes just as simply.


  • Flat or riser handlebar
  • 17-18 cm of open space available on your handlebar
  • 50 mm or longer stem


  • MagCro® Latch is secure and self-closing
  • 3 points of connection for all-terrain stability
  • Clear lid helps you see supplies while riding
  • Installs quickly to your handlebar & stem
  • Dimensions (trapezoidal shape): 16 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm and 7 cm deep (0.6 liter capacity)
  • GPS/Bike Computer bumper provided for spacing the bag away from the stem
  • Weight: 98g