104 BCD Bash Ring


Very few bashrings are properly sized for the chainring that they are protecting. To remedy that we created two different 104 BCD bashrings sized for the most popular 1x chainring sizes, smaller 26-30t (132 mm diameter) and mid-sized 32t-34t (148 mm diameter). Plus, if you are going to run a Wolf Tooth Chainring and need a bashring, what could be better than having them match?  


  • These are for use with 104 BCD chainrings or 64 BCD chainrings on 104 BCD cranksets (instructions on how to measure your BCD
    • These are compatible with all triple 104 bdc cranksets and mount in the "big ring" position
    • They are compatible with double cranksets that have flat outfacing mounting tabs, like XTR M980.  However, many 2x specific cranks, like shimano XT M785, have a profiled outer surface on the mounting tab so our bashring cannot be mounted on that non-flat surface.
    • These work great with the 104 BCD Elliptical 32t ring. They will work with the 34t as well, but at the max diameter a few teeth will extend just beyond the bashring.
  • See Complimenting product below for bolt requirement details
  • Provide a great chainline on most boost bikes.  See this explanation for details.

     Complementing products:

    Optimized for use with our 104 BCD chainrings or 64 BCD chainrings

    Chainring bolt requirements for this bashring

    • 104 x 30t - 10mm bolts are required for use with the bashring.
    • Other 104 BCD sizes - you will need 8mm bolts (stock size that comes on 3x cranksets holding the middle and big rings on). Wolf Tooth does not make these.
    • When using with the 64 BCD you will need 6mm bolts to mount the bashring. Note: Orient the head of the bolt to the inside to provide clearance for the chain (bolts will go in backwards).

     Tech Specs:

    • Outside diameter:
      26-30t = 132 mm
      32-34t= 148 mm
    • Design and manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA
    • Material 7075-T6
    • Colors - black
    • Weight:
      26-30t = 51g
      32-34t = 55g