Snowflake Chainrings for SRAM X9 fat crank & BB30 short spindle cranks


These are the perfect addition to your 190 mm hub fat bike with X9 crankset! We love winter riding here at Wolf Tooth and wanted something special for our fat bikes.

These rings are functionally the same as the standard BB30/PF30 Direct mount for short spindle rings and they will work on any short spindle BB30/PF30 cranksets with removable spiders. This ring will replace your existing chainring and spider, which is attached via 3 bolts on the back side of the spider near the spindle.  You will use these same 3 bolts to attach the SDM ring.  We recommend using an L-Wrench like this one or similar for removal and installation of the bolts.

** Note that these also work great on fat bikes with 190 mm rear hubs when using the X9 or XX1 GXP fat crankset -- they provide a great chainline and offer plenty of clearance for the largest tires! If you are planning to use this on an X9 or XX1 fat bike crankest, check out this explanation of chainline and hub spacing.**


SDM chainrings fit on SRAM cranksets with removable spiders:  S2200, S2210, X9, X0, X01, XX1, X1 1400, Truvativ AKA Cranksets (GXP version), and newer S1400 (or X7) .  If the crankarm and the spider are all made from the same piece of aluminum it is not removable.  This decision tree will help you determine if you have a removable spider, and if you do what ring you need for your cranksets (there are 2 different ring offsets used by the BB30/PF30 cranksets):

  • Chainline is 50mm on a BB30 / PF30 short spindle crankset. About 55mm on GXP or BB30 / PF30 long spindle crankset.
  • All chainrings feature our Drop-Stop tooth design and are made from 7075 Aluminum.
  • Use a 10 or 11 speed chain.  If using a 9 speed drivetrain, plan to use a 10 speed chain (it will shift fine), as the 9 speed chain fits too loosely on the ring.
  • A T25 Torx wrench is required to remove the bolts that secure the the chainring or spider to the crankarm.  An L-wrench works best since the crank spindle may contact a socket adapter and prevent it from engaging properly.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA!
  • Product weights: 28t - 70g, 30t - 78g, 32t - 84g

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