Fat Bike Front Derailleur Mount for 190 mm Hubs


This mount is specifically designed for bikes with 190 mm rear hubs. What makes this mount better than the others? It has a 49 mm offset instead of the usual 55 mm so it will work well with any 2X drivetrain. A 55 mm offset mount positions the derailleur too far outward to work with the Wolf Tooth 2X spider -- this one is perfect with our fat offset spider on an X9 crank or the standard spider on a wide-spindle crank such as Race Face or Surly. Our mount is also lighter than other similar mounts. Finally, it is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA from 7075 T651 aluminum.

Derailleur mount clamps directly to the seat tube.  Designed to work with Shimano & SRAM high direct mount front derailleurs.

Clamp Diameter is 34.9 mm (fits Borealis, 907, Beargrease ,etc), weight is 34g.