120 BCD Chainrings


120 mm BCD chainrings to fit SRAM XX and other 120 mm spiders.

Note: This chainring is threaded and will require stock SRAM chainring bolts.  WTC bolts do NOT work with this ring.

Chainline is 51mm for the 36T and 53 mm for the 38T to provide chainstay clearance. All chainrings feature our patent-pending Drop-Stop tooth design and are made from 7075 Aluminum.

Use a 10 or 11 speed chain. If using a 9 speed drivetrain, plan to use a 10 speed chain (it will shift great), as the 9 speed chain fits too loosely on the ring.

 Product weights: 36T= 54g, 38T= 59g

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 If you are unsure about the BCD on your crankset please refer to our  printable guide .  Make sure to check the option in the print settings to print "actual size" (or uncheck the "fit to page" option).  Put your existing chainring over the page and determine which bolt pattern on the page matches the bolt holes on your chainring.